Larry Sanderson (lsanderson) wrote in gaylaxicon,
Larry Sanderson

Gaylaxicon 2009 Review

Gaylaxicon 2009 - October 09 - 11, 2009 (part 1 of 2)
The 11th Gaylaxicon was a convention with a difference… and what a difference! Even Marlin was surprised, and he’s used to REAL conventions. With apologies to Monty Python. More

Gaylaxicon 2009 - October 09 - 11, 2009 (part 2 of 2)
Well, as promised, or threatened, I’m back for part two of my Gaylaxicon 2009 recapitulation. Thank you for returning for more. You know, perhaps this isn’t really a recap, because, part of the definition of a recap is “concise”, which this isn’t. Synopsis doesn’t fit either, for the same reason. Call it a wordy review. In any case, on with the whole ADHD soaked show! More

Shamelessly Stolen from zentinalzentinal
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